In His Name

Established in 1437/2016, Sabeel Media is an Indian not-for-profit Islamic Media Institution based in the holy city of Qom, Iran. Our location at the world’s primary hub for Islamic scholarship and our association with the wider body of students and scholars based here not only increases our responsibilities to serve, it also raises our ability to do so. Consequently, we see ourselves as a conduit for quality, authentic and contemporary Islamic guidance for the followers of The Ahlebayt (a.s.) in India.

We work across various media platforms including both broadcast and social media, producing both original content and partnering with other institutions to modify their work for use in India.

We are funded by donations from the Indian Muslim community, including those received from Indian Hawza students.

The team is assisted by a number of Indian students based in Qom and India, along with a network of volunteers spread over various Indian cities.

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